Sangat Power, Electronic Tabla + Tanpura

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The easy & the best way to improve your music is to practice with the Sangat Power daily. The only Tabla with a Tanpura machine that plays 107 Thekas in a pitch-synchronized manner with the Tanpura.

Avaibility : in stock
Pitch Synchronized Tabla + Tanpura machine.
Product Spec.Weight (0.500 g), Length (18 cm), Height (10 cm) & Width (9 cm)
5 Unique Instruments in OneSangat Digital offers Electronic Tanpura, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Duff & Dholak in one instrument
Plays Both Tanpura & Tabla Together:- Sangat Digital can play the Tanpura and the Tabla / Pakhawaj / Dholak / Duff together.
Pitch SynchronizationA unique feature of the instrument is the pitch synchronization of the Tanpura with the Tabla. When the particular Pitch is selected, it is set for both Tanpura & Tabla.
Natural ToneThe Sangat Digital is equipped with the natural tone of a Tanpura, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Duff & Dholak.
Individual Play / StopThe user can only play the Tanpura or the Tabla of Sangat Digital.
Individual Volume ControlSangat Digital has independent volume control for Tanpura and Tabla/Pakhawaj/Dholak/Duff.
Hi-Power SpeakerSangat Digital can deliver such a great tone with clarity because of its Hi-Power speakers. This also helps in reducing the weight of the instrument.
Pitch RangeThe Pitch ranges from C to E (Higher Octave)
Tabla Features of Sangat Digital:
107 Thekas & 24 TaalsSangat Digital offers a wide range of Taals and Thekasfor regular Practice at the press of a button. Teen Taal, Ek Taal, Rupak, Dadra are a few to name. Taals also come in with a variety of thekas.
Composer with MemoryThe composer function of Sangat Digital is one of its stand-out features that lets users create their taal as per their requirements. In addition, the memory function helps retain your composition even when the power is switched off.
Demo ModeThe Sangat Machine’s in built demo mode of the instrument plays all selected taals one after the other continuously forone1 avartan each.
LayaDhruth, Madhya, Vilambit & Ati Vilambit:- Sangat Digital is readily equipped to play a selected taal in different layas. This laya setting is independent of the tempo setting that exists in the instrument.
Tanpura Features of Sangat Digital:
Pancham, Madhyam & NishadThe Sangat Digital Electronic Tanpura machine, has easy switch operation to select accurately pre-tuned Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad.
Hindustani & Carnatic Playing StylesWith the touch of the Style Button,n Swarangini Digital will play either PA, SA, SA SA (Kharaj) ( 6 Matra, Carnatic music style) or PA, SA, SA, SA (Kharaj) (5 Matra, Hindustani style)
Manual Nishad TuningIn the case of Nishad, the Sangat Digital instrument also allows you to manually tune the Nishad to adjust to your unique needs.
Other Features of Sangat Digital:
Feather Touch KeyboardSangat Digita,l with its cutting-edge technology, has incorporated the feather touch keyboard. It has no knobs or switches, improving accuracy and eliminating transit damage and corrosion.
ABS Plastic CabinetThe Cabinet is made from ABS plastic which gives it a sleeker look and protects it from the peninsula’s climatic wear & tear.
SMPS, 90V AC to 250V ACSangat Digital Machine’s in-built SMPS makes it possible to run the instrument anywhere globally with its dynamic input power range of 90V AC to 250V AC.
Auxiliary Stereo SocketThe stereo auxiliary socket can connect Sangat Digitald to a music system. A single socket is provided for both, i.e. Tanpura and Tabla.
In-Built Battery ChargerThe inbuilt battery charger of the Sangat Digital charges a rechargeable Battery even when the instrument is playing, the Charging LED displays this, and when the Battery is low on charge, the Low Battery LED is switched on automatically.
Auto MemoryThe memory function of Sangat Digital helps retain your last selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that fine-tuning)
Embroidered Carry BagThe Sangat Tanpuraisn is a beautifully embroidered carry bag for daily use and travel.
1 Year WarrantySangat Digital Instrument is warranted against defects arising from faulty materials or quality for one year from the date of purchase.
The followings are the Instrument & Accessories you will receive on purchasing one unit.
  • Sangat Digital Electronic Musical Instrument
  • Carry Bag
  • Boll Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • AC Power Cord (3 Yards)




Plug in the mains cord; two pin male plug into your AC wall power supply & female socket in the back of the instrument. Switch on the instrument by pressing the On/Off Note: Pressing the On /Off again put the instrument off.



Select your required Sur (Note) using the PITCH SA. Use the Down & Up arrow to navigate from the lowest to the highest Sur (i.e. main notes). The sur selected can be viewed on the display.
Pitch range is from C to E of the higher octave. On selection of any pitch, the pitch of the Tanpura and Tabla will change simultaneously.


You can further fine tune your Sur by using the Fine PITCH. Use the Down & Up arrow to adjust between Sur.
Note: Fine SA allows very fine pitch adjustment in-between two main notes (i.e. in-between C & C# by pressing Up arrow and in-between C & B by pressing Down arrow.

Note: The same is displayed by a "-" sign. The "-" on the right means the sur is going higher and on the left means the sur is going lower



Press Play and Theka starts from Sum.
Note: The Number "1" appears on the Display at the start of each Sum cycle.


Theka can be stopped at any time by pressing the Stop.
Note: Any operation of the face panel can be performed without stopping the Theka.


To set the volume of Tabla press the ‘Tabla Volume’ followed by the Down or Up arrow to either Decrease or Increase the volume respectively. The volume level is visible in digits on the Display


To adjust tempo, press the Tempo followed by the Down or Up arrow to either Decrease or Increase the tempo respectively. Note: Beats per minute will be visible on the display.


To set the Laya of the instrument press the Laya Button followed by the Down arrow Button to Decrease from
Dhrut > Madhya > Vilambit > Ati Vilambit. :: Or vice versa.
The selected Laya is visible on the Display. ‘LY1 = Druth’, ‘LY2 = Madhya’, LY3 = Vilambit’, ‘LY4 = Ati Vilambit’
Note: Pressing Up arrow will have no effect once the instrument has reached the Dhrut Laya range. Similarly pressing Down arrow will have no effect once the instrument has reached the Ati Vilambit Laya range. An Error sound is produced in both the cases.


The Relative Volume of the Tabla & the Dagga can be balanced adjusted by pressing Balance followed by the Up or Down arrow. Pressings Up will increase the audibility of Dhaga & pressing Down will increase the audibility of Tabla


For Thekas (like Garba, Ghazal etc.) Pressing Variations will help you select different Styles of Playing of the same Theka.
Note: "TH1", "TH2", "TH3" etc. can be viewed on the Display on selection of different variations. If only 1 variation is present then only "TH1" is displayed.


Select Demo to hear selected Taals play one after another for 1 Avartan each.

Note: Demo will not play if the Tanpura is playing

For composing your own Thekas:
1. Press Stop if the instrument is playing any Thekas.
2. Press Alt and Compose 1 or Compose 2. Note: The Display indicates "PR1" or "PR2".
3. Place the Boll card over the instrument on the top left side.
4. Press the required Bolls as per your composition. Bolls when pressed are heard. Wait for the Boll to be fully over before you press next Boll.
5. When finished press End. Note: HALF + HALF Matra allows 2 Bolls to be inserted in 1 Matra. Some readymade and commonly used Bolls are already provided.


Example: DHA-GE, NA-NA, TI-TA etc. The same could have been made by pressing HALF + HALF Matra first and then pressing DHA and GE.
Note: The key “Last Half Matra” is reserved for making Thekas which have cycle like "7 1/2 Matra", "8 1/2 Matra", "91/2 Matra" etc. The Last Half Matra can be inserted by pressing Key "Last Half Matra" first and then the required Boll. When Theka is played the Last Half Matra is indicated in the display by Two Parallel Lines ( || ) near the number. The

Note: Compositions are maintained in Memory even when the Power is Switched Off.



To set the volume of Tanpura press the Tanpura Volume switch followed by the up or down arrow switch to either Decrease or Increase the volume respectively


Select switch helps you in the selection of PA, MA, Ni or only SA style of playing.

Note: The corresponding LED of the PA,MA or NI will glow. When only SA selected no LED will glow


The Style switch helps you in the selection of either 5 Matra or 6 Matra style of playing. In 5 matra style there is no pause after the first string being played ie PA, MA or Ni
Note: The corresponding LED of the 5 Matra or 6 Matra will glow.


Nishad can be tuned manually by pressing the Manual NI switch. Use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to reduce or increase Nishad pitch.
Note: The range for Nishad adjustment is one Sur up on the higher side and one Sur Down on the Lower side ( i.e. If D is selected as Main Sa, Nishad will be adjustment from D to D# on the higher side and D to C# on the lower side. ) Note: The same is displayed by a "-" sign. The "-" on the right means the sur is going higher and on the left means the sur is going lower


To manually adjust the tempo, press the Tempo switch followed by the UP or DOWN arrow switch to either Decrease or Increase the tempo respectively.
Note: The tempo IS displayed & has a range from 1 to 50. Changing the pitch will reset the tempo to default setting.



The instrument has an inbuilt battery charger which automatically charges batteries while the instrument is playing. Please use only rechargeable AAA size battery. While charging batteries the Battery Charging LED will glow. In the event of the battery charge being low, the Low Battery LED will glow; thereby prompting