Swar Sudha, Electronic Shruti Box

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Is your child starting to learn Carnatic music?
Then the Swar Sudha Shruti Box is the perfect starter kit to introducing them to music. It is the stepping stone learning Shruti before maturing to a Tambura.
Avaibility : in stock

Feature’s of Electronic Shruti Box, Swar Sudha:

Product Spec. Weight (0.500 g), Length (15 cm), Height (13 cm) & Width (8 cm)
Genuine Shruti Tone This electronic Shruti box comes with a drone that is as realistic as the original Shruti tone itself.
3 in 1 The Swar Sudha is not only a Shruti box (sruti Petti / sur Peti) but also a metronome & tuner. The metronome is audible along with the Shruti drone.
ABS Plastic Case The new-look Swar Sudha is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which gives it a sleeker look and protects it from the peninsular climatic wear & tear.
Large & accurate pitch range The pitch range of this electronic Shruti box covers an entire octave with immense precision.
Auto Memory The memory function helps retain your last selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of fine-tuning)
Harmonium like display Swar Sudha electronic Shruti Box comes with a display that represents the keyboard of the harmonium to specially aid novices in setting the Swar without any hassle at all.
Accurate Pancham & Madhyam The user only needs to select the main SA and the instrument by itself will tune accurately to Pancham (PA) or Madhyam (MA).
Super compact size & lightweight Swar Sudha in its new look is very compact & light in weight, but at the same time is extremely durable.
Reference instrument Today most of the piano & harmonium manufacturers are using Swar Sudha as their reference instrument to tune their instrument.
Dual Power Mode Swar Sudha comes with both 220v & 110v power input selection for a universal market.
External Speaker Socket Shruti Box machine has an external speaker socket to connect it to bigger external speakers if necessary.
Preferred Tuner In the recent past, Swar Sudha has emerged as the preferred tuner for artists to tune their instruments like the Veena, Violin, Sitar, Harmonium, Guitar, etc.
Carry Bag The Swar Sudha comes in an easy to carry nylon bag.


1 Year Warranty Swar Sudha Instrument is warranted against defects arising out of faulty of defective materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


The following are the Instrument & Accessories you will receive on the purchase of one unit.
  • Swar Sudha Electronic Musical Instrument
  • Carry Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • AC Power Cord (3 Yards)


1. Plug in the mains cord; two pin male socket into your AC power supply & female socket in the appropriate Male socket of the instrument depending on power supply source. (i.e. 220V or 110 V)
Note: Add-on flat two pin AC converters available.
Caution: Plugging in the 220V power source in the 110V socket of the machine will Seriously Damage the instrument. This action also Voids the Warranty Cover. 

2. Switch On Swar Sudha using the Volume On / Off knob.

3. Select your required Sur / Swar (Note) using the Up & Down Buttons. They help you navigate between the Lowest & the Highest Sur / Swar (i.e. Main Notes). 
Note: The corresponding LED of the Selected Sur /Swar glows when selected. 

4. The Sur / Swar (Main Note) indication is arranged like Harmonium/Piano Keyboards for quick reference. The Carnatic and Western equivalent is printed on the display. 
Note: The First LED indicates ' Safed 1 = C = 1 Kattai ' (Lowest Sur) and the Last LED indicates ' Safed 7 = B = 7 Kattai ' (Highest Sur). 

5. To further Fine Tune Electronic Shruti Petti press the Fine Tune Button. Pressing the same will illuminate both the UP & Down Fine Tune LED. Using the Up or Down switch navigate until the required Sur / Swar is heard. 
Note: Fine Tune allows selection in-between 2 main notes ( i.e. In-Between C & C# by pressing Up Switch and In-Between C & B by pressing Down Switch. The same is indicated by the glowing of the Fine Tune UP Arrow or Fine Tune DOWN Arrow LED. 

6. The Select switch help you in the selection of either PA, MA, only SA or Tuner, on a rotational basis. 
Note: The corresponding LED of the PA, MA will glow and when only SA or Tuner is selected NO LED will glow. 

7. Start the Metronome using the Metronome Switch. Use the Up or Down switch to adjust the Tempo.
Note: When Metronome is on the Sur / Swar cannot be changed.